• Dazzledots All Eyes On Me

    Dazzledots All Eyes On Me

    Born: 17.02.2012

    The name says it all as Ace is our “Number One” stud boy Bengal cat. He has a really wild looking head type and well defined rosettes with a great pattern, some consisting of a lighter colour inside. Ace has …

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  • Cryptic Prime

    Cryptic Prime

    Born: 12.11.2012
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  • Cryptic Picture Me Rollin’
  • Cryptic Dark Knight
  • Cryptic God of Thunder
  • Kiabindhi Sea Breeze

    Kiabindhi Sea Breeze

    Born: 20.06.2011

    Bali has the best Rosettes in the house and a very glittery coat. She is noisy, constantly talking or calling and always keeping us entertained. She’s a touch girl and not afraid to push around the boys. Despite this she …

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  • Dazzledots Iced Onyx

    Dazzledots Iced Onyx

    Born: 03.06.2011

    Mia is our Brown Charcoal, she has amazing large doughnut Rosettes. She is very unusual looking and many people that visit us say she if their favourite in the Cattery. She has a very sweet personality and is always affectionate. …

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  • Cryptic Alexandria

    Cryptic Alexandria

    Born: 18.10.2012
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  • Cryptic Skandalouz

    Cryptic Skandalouz

    Born: 06.12.2012
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  • Cryptic Coco

    Cryptic Coco

    Born: 02.01.2013
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  • Cryptic Lovebug

    Cryptic Lovebug

    Born: 02.01.2013
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  • Silverstorm Shyla

    Silverstorm Shyla

    Born: 16.07.2011

    Shyla is our Silver Snow, she has big baby blue eyes, a slender frame and an outstanding head type. Shyla’s quite wild and very playful and very talkative. She is a great Mother and has produced stunning kittens in her …

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  • Cryptic City of Angels

    Cryptic City of Angels

    Born: 28.08.2011

    Angel has stunning green eyes and a gorgeous head type, she is the only Bengal Cat left to carry on Sheba’s Bloodlines as Sheba is now retired. She has a dainty little body and a very soft clear spotted coat …

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  • Silverstorm Haze of Crypticbengals

    Silverstorm Haze of Crypticbengals

    Born: 23.06.2010

    Haze has striking green eyes and a very shiny coat. She has a calm chilled out nature and is the complete opposite to her sister Sheba. Haze is very polite and has proved to be a great Mum. She loves …

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  • Cryptic Bardot

    Cryptic Bardot

    Born: 22.09.2011

    Bardot, well the name says it all with such a beautiful face, she has a striking resemblance to Bridgitte Bardot! She has an extremely wild looking head type, a calm sweet personality and a lovely soft spotted coat. She loves …

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  • Kanpur Cairo

    Kanpur Cairo

    Born: 20.08.2011

    Cairo has beautiful bright green eyes and a glittery ginger brown coat with pretty Rosettes. He has a thick tail following his Father Kanpur Limited edition. He has a beautiful face and is very naughty getting away with murder because …

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  • Kanpur Primed

    Kanpur Primed

    Born: 17.11.2011
    Retired: 16.09.2012

    Prime was a stunning Stud Boy. He had a big muscular body, an amazing cool coloured brown coat with gorgeous rosettes, they were butterfly rosettes with outstanding back markings. He had a super sweet personality and he  used to purr …

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  • Silverstorm Sheba of Crypticbengals

    Silverstorm Sheba of Crypticbengals

    Born: 23.06.2010

    Sheba is a little bit feisty but also very playful. Sheba spends most of her time daydreaming out the window. She loves snuggling on anything comfy. She has a beautiful contrast with a very wild look. Thank you to Liz …

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