Dazzledots All Eyes On Me

About Dazzledots All Eyes On Me

The name says it all as Ace is our “Number One” stud boy Bengal cat. He has a really wild looking head type and well defined rosettes with a great pattern, some consisting of a lighter colour inside. Ace has a big muscular body and he is advanced for his age, already showing keen interest in all the Queens of the house. He began mating at 7 months old and his first litter were born at 9 months, we are eagerly awaiting to see his Bengal kittens. I cannot thank Mara of Dazzledots enough for Ace who has completely saved our breeding programme and is a real asset for us, we adore him.

Dazzledots All Eyes On Me

  • DOB: 17.02.2012
  • TICA No. SBT 021712 022
  • Microchip: 900026000058724
  • HCM: NORMAL 04/2013
  • PK Deficiency: Negative
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  • Sire

    Drinkwater Kocomo

  • Dam

    Cazpurr Bela

Dazzledots All Eyes On Me Pedigree
ParentsGrand parentsGreat grand parents
Drinkwater Kocomo
Cazpurr Bela
 Drinkwater Leathal Weapon of Jabari
Imaginique Autumn of Drinkwater
 Gogees Black Beard of Cazpurr
Drinkwater Cheetaro of Cazpurr
 RW SGC Belara Customs Dream of Jabari
Drinkwater Drops From Jupiter
 Gentlejungle Flare of Imaginique
Imaginique Sunomo
 Gogees Sundaze Child
Stillmeadow Izzy of Gogees
 Drinkwater Drakkar
Legacie Catanga of Drinkwater