• Silverstorm Shyla

    Silverstorm Shyla

    Born: 16.07.2011

    Shyla is our Silver Snow, she has big baby blue eyes, a slender frame and an outstanding head type. Shyla’s quite wild and very playful and very talkative. She is a great Mother and has produced stunning kittens in her …

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  • Cryptic City of Angels

    Cryptic City of Angels

    Born: 28.08.2011

    Angel has stunning green eyes and a gorgeous head type, she is the only Bengal Cat left to carry on Sheba’s Bloodlines as Sheba is now retired. She has a dainty little body and a very soft clear spotted coat …

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  • Silverstorm Haze of Crypticbengals

    Silverstorm Haze of Crypticbengals

    Born: 23.06.2010

    Haze has striking green eyes and a very shiny coat. She has a calm chilled out nature and is the complete opposite to her sister Sheba. Haze is very polite and has proved to be a great Mum. She loves …

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  • Cryptic Bardot

    Cryptic Bardot

    Born: 22.09.2011

    Bardot, well the name says it all with such a beautiful face, she has a striking resemblance to Bridgitte Bardot! She has an extremely wild looking head type, a calm sweet personality and a lovely soft spotted coat. She loves …

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  • Kanpur Cairo

    Kanpur Cairo

    Born: 20.08.2011

    Cairo has beautiful bright green eyes and a glittery ginger brown coat with pretty Rosettes. He has a thick tail following his Father Kanpur Limited edition. He has a beautiful face and is very naughty getting away with murder because …

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  • Kanpur Primed

    Kanpur Primed

    Born: 17.11.2011
    Retired: 16.09.2012

    Prime was a stunning Stud Boy. He had a big muscular body, an amazing cool coloured brown coat with gorgeous rosettes, they were butterfly rosettes with outstanding back markings. He had a super sweet personality and he  used to purr …

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  • Silverstorm Sheba of Crypticbengals

    Silverstorm Sheba of Crypticbengals

    Born: 23.06.2010

    Sheba is a little bit feisty but also very playful. Sheba spends most of her time daydreaming out the window. She loves snuggling on anything comfy. She has a beautiful contrast with a very wild look. Thank you to Liz …

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